Fund your Tiuas e-Wallet and Pay With Bitcoin

11-01-23 | Tiuas Admin

How to Fund Your Tiuas E-Wallet with Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin to fund your Tiuas e-wallet is a convenient and secure way to add funds for your marketplace transactions. Follow these simple steps:

Access Your Tiuas Account: Log in to your Tiuas account on the platform or via the Tiuas mobile app.

Click on Fund My Wallet with Bitcoin

Complete the Transfer: Proceed to confirm and complete the transfer from your Bitcoin wallet. Depending on network activity, the Bitcoin transfer might take some time to reflect in your Tiuas e-wallet.

Check Your Tiuas E-Wallet Balance: Once the transfer is confirmed on the blockchain, check your Tiuas e-wallet to ensure that the funds have been successfully added.

Use Your Bitcoin Funds: Your Tiuas e-wallet now has the funds available for use within the platform for various purchases, transactions, or investments.

Remember, the time for the Bitcoin transfer to reflect in your Tiuas e-wallet may vary based on blockchain confirmation times and network activity.

Within a few minutes, your wallet will reflect the amount you deposited.