Fund Your e-Wallet With Bitcoin

Are you a bitcoin fan? We love crypto too! 

BITCOIN IS THE FUTURE. When you advance into the cryptosphere,

you will realize greater freedom in the way you can do business, especially since we offer an on-site escrow!

Here are some reasons why someone would ACTUALLY choose to do business using Bitcoin:

 1. It's super safe.

When you use Bitcoin, it's like putting your money in a secret code that only you and the person you're buying from know.

No one else can see it, so it's hard to steal.

2. It's cheap to use. When you use your mom's credit card, the store has to pay a fee to the credit card company.

But when you use Bitcoin, the fees are much lower, so it's like getting a discount.

3. You can use it anywhere in the world. It's like having a magic money that works in any country, no matter where you are.

4. It's fast. When you use Bitcoin, it's like using cash - you pay for something and you get it right away.

No waiting for days or weeks like you do with some other ways of paying.

5. You can always see where your money is going.

It's like having a clear window into your piggy bank - you can always see how much money you have and where it has been.

6. It's like having a limited edition toy. There are only a certain number of Bitcoins in the world, so it's like having a toy that no one else has.

7. It's like helping people who don't have a bank account. Some people don't have a bank account,

so Bitcoin is like giving them a way to pay for things even if they don't have a bank.

8. It's like protecting stores from sneaky people. Sometimes people use credit cards to buy things and then pretend they didn't,

but Bitcoin is making it impossible to do that.

9. It's like having your own secret code. No one knows who you are when you use Bitcoin, so it's like having a secret identity.

10. It's like the start of something new. Bitcoin is like a new invention that changes the way we pay for things in the future.

If you already have a bitcoin wallet simply click the link below:


If you need to buy bitcoin, you can use CashApp, Coinomi, or Pay with Cash.

Choose the amount you would like to add and send. We will handle the rest. 

Remember, Blockchain moves at it's own pace.

It can be anywhere from 5-60 minutes before the transaction takes place, so please be patient.