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Biteris Bank Basic Requisites for Obtaining Funding for a Small Business


Biteris Bank Basic Requisites for Obtaining Funding for a Small Business

Applicants must legally own the business they are representing, and show documentation, thereby proving ownership or control of at least 50%.

Applicants must be in possession of or holding for at least 90 days a minimum of $250 Biteris BTSX equivalent to USD.

Applicant can obtain Biteris on Uniswap, and other platforms supporting Ethereum-based currencies or directly on the Biteris Bank website.

Applicants must have a registered profile on Tiuas.mx, a marketplace controlled by Biteris Bank, which serves the purpose of documenting products and or sales revenue. The sales revenue does not necessarily need to come from Tiuas.mx, but the company products and or services must be clearly posted with public address, phone number, website and or email listed.

Applicants must show sales volume in Biteris BTSX to be considered.

Applicants must have a current application on file.

Applicants do not need to have a traditional credit file or good credit to be approved.

Due to risk factors, a sliding scale lending system is implemented for new applicants. Stable clients can request larger amounts, and are eligible for larger amounts.

For more specific details, contact customer service at Biteris Bank.

Basically, the first step is to decide how much you need, and a realistic approach to obtaining these basic requirements.

Second, fill out the app, and make sure it’s complete. It is completely free to apply.

FInally, Download Coinomi or Uniswap and Fund Your Account with Biteris BTSX.

If you need help we can walk you through it. Simply contact Alexis, our Client Services manager and get started.





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