Survival-SHTF-DIY HOW TO Files, Organized by Topic (200+) + SubTopic 64GB

San Diego-California

I have spent close to a decade, collecting and organizing files for emergencies of all types with 200+ categories, and most with multiple subcategories.
My goal?
To have multiple in depth tools to not only to survive, but thrive a post New World Order, Great Reset, the next pandemic, natural disaster, banking collapse, civil war, world war, Grand Solar Maximun, pole shift, marshal law or just (god forbid) another more Biden term!

I have made it a point to collect information that will allow people to live as normal as possible-if they decide, or to bug out, and be OK for years.
Everything from generating electricity, to performing brain surgery in the field, from ham radio operation and common frequencies, to animal production from start to finish, the latter contains 12 subcategories.
I have gone out of my way to insure everything is in the proper categories, in addition to not having duplicate files, but I am only human, and somethings could be in multiple categories, but I have made an honest effort to prevent duplicates if for no other reason that saving space.
The vast majority of files are .pdf as my original goal was to put everything on an e-ink reader, as batteries on those can last for months, during use!
But instead i will leave that to you to decide, for example i have some files on popular books, for boredom, or Educational Libraries, these are really large if everything were in .pdf, actually, most are in .PDF files, but as .rar files, basicly they are zip files to save space.
Zip files can be opened on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Ios and more, with free software, most computers already have this installed. This allows me to have over 500mb of files, while only using 104mb of space
I have made it a special point to go out of my way to collect things that have been heavily censored, banned, or very hard to find-even before the crackdown on the Internet began!  in 2016.

Many of those files, I can not go into specific detail about, other than to say, you must be over 18 to purchase them (there is no porn), all items are for informational uses only, do not attempt anything without proper training, safety equipment, obtaining the proper permits and/or licensing that may be required, and of course observing all local and national laws. Failure to do so could result in loss of life or limb of you or others, in addition to possible state or federal prosecution.

there is almost 64gb of files, they come installed on a new (only used to pre-load files)
Monster USB 3.0 drive, USB 3.0 is high speed, and these drives are pretty much indestructible, waterproof, and have a metal area to connect to, and stay connected to a keychain.
can meet in S. SD, or USPS via Paypal, please send a TEXT to 619.500.6604, and i will get back to you ASAP!
Have a Wonderful Day!





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