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Sober Up Coffee Shop - Pup Sanctuary

Rosarito - Baja California

Sip Coffee, Save Pups: Sober Up Coffee Shop in Puerto Nuevo Becomes Haven for Homeless Animals

Forget boring beach bars and generic souvenir shops! In the sunny shores of Puerto Nuevo, Rosarito, a new kind of haven has risen – Sober Up Coffee Shop. And it's not just serving caffeine and cookies, it's brewing up a heartwarming story of compassion and second chances for abandoned animals.

Sober Up is more than just a cozy coffee corner; it's a beacon of hope for dozens of homeless dogs rescued from the harsh realities of Puerto Nuevo's streets and parking lots. Their dedicated team runs a non-profit service, tirelessly providing these pups with the love, care, and medical attention they desperately need.

But here's the beauty of it all: your next latte could be a lifesaver. Every visit, every cup of coffee enjoyed at Sober Up directly fuels their mission. The delicious pastries don't just tantalize your taste buds; they contribute to crucial resources for these vulnerable animals.

So, grab your friends, family, or simply your wanderlusting spirit, and head down to 

Carretera Libre Tijuana- Ensenada Km. 43.4 El Pescador, 22716 Primo Tapia, BC. 

Immerse yourself in the warm ambiance, indulge in handcrafted treats, and know that with every sip and bite, you're playing a vital role in changing the lives of these rescued pups.

Connect with Sober Up and their furry heroes:

Phone: +52-663-107-3801

Sober Up Coffee Shop is more than just a caffeine fix; it's a chance to savor a different kind of sweetness – the heartwarming taste of community, compassion, and second chances. Come raise a cup, raise awareness, and make a difference one latte at a time.

Spread the word and share the love! Let's make Sober Up the talk of Puerto Nuevo, not just for its coffee, but for the furry tails wagging with renewed hope.


Carretera Libre Tijuana- Ensenada Km. 43.4 El Pescador, 22716 Primo Tapia, BC.





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